Whether you want so share, present or annotate documents or presentations, you came to the right place. We offer functionality for every type of user. Upload and annotate with the internal viewer and then publish and share your document or turn it into presentation. You can embed your documents to other websites. Our code is fully responsive. Upload your PowerPoint, Word or PDF and start right away!

If you are a developer user, take advantage our public API. Extract document pages as pictures and much more.

Letra is for:

Education and LMS

Letra is a great solution when it comes to integration with already existing systems. It can be deployed locally or you can leverage our cloud solution. You can get your instance with user management. We also offer Tin Can integration for your existing LMS.


Our public API is very powerful and is getting better every day. Through our API, you can manager your documents, get document pages as images and get links for public viewer. In the future, we will add OCR and text extraction capabilities.

Users and Journalists

Letra comes with simple and very powerful public viewer. You can upload and manage your documents and then share them via link or embed them directly in your sites by using our public viewer. You can also add beautiful annotations that will be shown with document.

Letra Viewer

Manage, share and annotate with Letra

Letra offers unique way how to present your document. Upload your PowerPoint, Word or PDF and start right away!

Sign in and upload your documents. After upload, you can add annotations and share your documents in public viewer with annotations automatically attached. You can also select other than first page to be loaded first. This is great feature when you need to show a certain document with highlights. It’s for FREE, so why don’t you try it.

Letra offeres embedded code that is 100% responsive. No matter where you insert it, it will resize automatically to best fit the user's screen.

LMS and Education Solution

Your own Letra

Have your own Letra in Cloud or On-Premises.

Letra is the perfect solution for any LMS. If you use Moodle, Edmodo, Blackboard or other LMS, then you can use Letra's Tin Can (SCORM) API so it can connect to any compatible product. API includes features like who accessed a document, which pages were read and for how long, and many other features.

Letra also supports COURSES structure just like Moodle. Nest multiple materials under one item and have your users access them in one place.

Public API

Are you a developer?

There are many cool things you can do with Letra's public API

Upload your documents to Letra via public API. Once uploaded you can do cool stuff with it. Extract pages as pictures from your PowerPoint, Word or PDF. It’s very simple and fast. You can query your pictures in formats you like.

In the very near future, we would like to provide a functionality so you can upload pictures and run OCR and corrective algorithms. We will also add text extraction. Stay tuned and drop as a message on Facebook or Twitter.


Cloud - SaaS

Use our cloud solution for your Letra. Manage everything within the comfort of our cloud services. We will create custom version only for your data.